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How do you choose a quality partner in navigating the new fiduciary rule?

Embracing Change

The advice industry is no stranger to change – so how can you embrace the fiduciary rule while adding value to your business and clients?

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The Momentum of the Fee-based Model

How can you ensure higher client satisfaction and improve your practice’s viability? Consider a fee-based business model.

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Cambridge DOL Compliance Driver



Behind the scenes at an investment firm’s fiduciary services unit, and how you can leverage the fiduciary rule to improve your practice.

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Colleen Bell talks Fiduciary Services at Cambridge

29% of broker-dealer firms took a “wait and see” approach to action on the fiduciary rule – but not Cambridge. First VP of Fiduciary Services Colleen Bell discusses how – and why – Cambridge put resources in place to help advisors.

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Let’s talk about YOUR opportunity.

Exclusive interview with Amy Webber – Fiduciary Compliance


President Amy Webber explains how Cambridge is positioned for success during this time of change.

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The New Realities of Compliance


To comply with regulations, you must understand where we were – and where we are today. Here are some first steps to complying with the new rule, and a rundown of why compliance is an opportunity to excel.

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Consider Fees

The new rule has made many advisors consider switching to a fee-based practice. How do you decide if this is right for you – and how can you get started?

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Why Fees?



We chart the growth of fees at Cambridge - and explain the benefits, how to get started, and how to choose the right partner.

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